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Domain Ownership Records

How does Midco2000 manage my Domain Records?

Administrative Contact
The contact responsible for any administrative issues pertaining to the account. Any administrative changes to the domain must be approved by the Administrative Contact. We will use this contact for any non-technical questions regarding the domain name!

Billing Contact
The contact responsible for all billing information relating to the domain name. This person will also receive any invoices, charges or billing questions related to the domain name.

Name Server
The computer that organizes domain names to correspond to their IP addresses.

The contact that registers a domain name. Once the domain name is registered, the registrant can use the domain name for the period of time the domain was registered.

Renewal of Domain Name
To continue the registration of the domain name after the original expiration date.

Technical Contact
This is the contact responsible for providing technical information, such as the nameserver. will contact this person with any questions of a technical nature.

Top-Level Domain
The section of the domain name that appears after the ".", ie the ".com" in

A function that allows you to look up the contact details of a domain name.

How do I manage my account?

Using the form provided below, enter your complete user information in the correct fields and then click the "Make Changes" button. From here, you can manage various aspects of your account.

Renew Domain Registrations- You can renew your domain name for up to 10 years time before they expire. Be sure to indicate the amount of years in the DETAILS field of the form.
   (Use this form to order a domain name for the first time).

Modify Contact Information- You can update the contact details of the registrant (except for Registrant's Name and Company Name), technical, administrative and billing contacts. See the glossary to the left for more information.

Modify Name Server Information- At anytime, you can alter the name server of your domain. Select this option if you are switching from another provider to begin hosting with Midco2000. Enter current Host information as well as technical contact information in DETAILS field.

Cancel this Domain Name- You can cancel your domain name registration. This is permanent. You can reregister it later and pay the registration fees again. Since there are no refunds from the registry of domain names, we do not suggest this option. You also have the option to sell this domain for the remainder of the registration period. Midco2000 does not purchase these domain names.

Change Account Password- You can update your login password at any time. You will need to know your current password and then type and retype your new password.

List Pending Transfers for Hosting- Use this to notify us if you have several domains you would like a hosting account for. Please list all domains, and the date you are requesting we begin transferring to Midco2000.


Manage My Domain

Contact Name 
Email Address 
Domain Name 
IP Address 
Please enter your Username & Password. (secure transmission)
New PIN/Password 
Please Choose a 
Reason for Modification 
Renew my Domain Name
Update my Contact Information
Modify Nameserver
Transfer Domain to Midco2000 Hosting
Change Password
Cancel Domain from Registry
Please Enter DETAILS of this Domain Modification

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For Domain Records Management Questions.
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